Try This, It Works

Try This, It Works

Using the People Pane in Outlook The People Pane allows you to quickly see a list of correspondence between you and the selected author of the email, as well as any other individual on the To or Cc lines. You can view email, attachments and meetings you may have scheduled with the user, plus news… Read more »

Try This, It Works: April 2017

Excel 2016 – Combine Multiple Columns into One Using TEXTJOIN Very often users need to combine text from two or more columns into one column. Until now, if you wanted to join text strings from a range of cells, you had to specify each cell individually and the delimiter between those cells. The new TEXTJOIN… Read more »

Try This, It Works: Office 2016 Collaboration Tools

Office 2016 for Windows, makes it easier than ever to share your files in multiple ways with others without ever leaving the document you are editing. Share by using OneDrive (2 GB free), OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint Share a copy of your workbook as a .pdf (Portable Document Format) Share by attaching a copy to an… Read more »