Access 2007 Basic

This course is designed to help individuals new to Access learn the essential skills of navigating within a database, creating a simple database, and building queries, forms and reports.

Dates & Times


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Course Outline

This is a good introductory course for those new to Access or for self-taught users looking to start from square one.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) approved courseware
Downloadable CertBlaster© MOS Exam Preparation software
Access to participant data files
Follow-up support by email or phone for an unlimited period

Lesson 1: Getting started

  • Database concepts
  • Exploring the Access environment
  • Getting help

Lesson 2: Databases and tables

  • Planning and designing databases
  • Exploring tables
  • Creating tables

Lesson 3: Fields and records

  • Changing the design of a table
  • Finding and editing records
  • Sorting and filtering data

Lesson 4: Data entry rules

  • Setting field properties
  • Working with input masks
  • Setting validation rules
  • Using indexes

Lesson 5: Simple queries

  • Creating and using queries
  • Modifying query results
  • Using operators in queries

Lesson 6: Using forms

  • Creating forms
  • Using forms for data entry
  • Finding, sorting, and filtering data

Lesson 7: Working with reports

  • Creating reports
  • Sorting and grouping report data
  • Modifying and printing reports