SQL Fundamentals in SQL Server

This workshop covers the basics of SQL to effectively transform information contained in databases into information that is usable by a variety of sources.

Dates & Times

CourseDate & TimeLocationCost
SQL Fundamentals in SQL ServerFebruary 23 - 9:00 - 4:00LathamRegister
SQL Fundamentals in SQL ServerApril 6 - 9:00 - 4:00LathamRegister

Course Outline

Corporate and NYS discounts do not apply for this course.

The workshop assumes that users have a basic familiarity with databases and an understanding of relational database concepts.

Lectures and exercises will focus on extracting and manipulating information from databases through SQL in a Microsoft SQL environment. References to commands are made for other environments such as Oracle and Access.

Comprehensive reference manual with participant guide and exercises
Access to participant data files
Follow-up support by email or phone for an unlimited period

Lesson 1: Introducing SQL

  • Understanding SQL
  • Overview of syntax

Lesson 2: Retrieving data from a table

  • Selecting records
  • Selecting columns
  • Creating column/table aliases
  • Filtering data rows
  • Ordering data
  • Working with aggregate functions
  • Grouping data
  • Filtering a group

Lesson 3: Using operators

  • Using logical operators
  • Using list operators
  • Using string operators

Lesson 4: Using String functions

  • Pulling out parts of strings
  • Concatenating data
  • Locating specific items in strings

Lesson 5:Using date functions

  • Using system date
  • Displaying month, day or year
  • Adding and substracting dates

Lesson 6: Using joins

  • Overview of joins
  • Creating inner joins
  • Creating outer joins