Web Page Design

Developing a Drupal Website

In this course, participants will learn to develop a Drupal website from the ground up. This course explores configuration, modules, blocks, themes, user management, content management, and site use.

Dates & Times


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Course Outline

Corporate and NYS discounts do not apply for this course.

This course is recommended for individuals who have XHTML and website development knowledge and are interested in learning how to use Drupal to create and maintain a website.

Comprehensive reference manual
Follow-up support by email or phone for an unlimited period

Lesson 1: General Drupal Information

  • What is Drupal?
  • The Drupal Environment
  • Logging in and out

Lesson 2: Site configuration

  • Setting Site actions
  • Adding an advanced action
  • Set administration theme
  • Determining File storage options
  • File locations
  • Image quality
  • Input format
  • Configure input filters
  • Setting Site Maintenance Options

Lesson 3: Modules

  • What are modules?
  • Adding modules
  • Using modules

Lesson 4: Blocks

  • Adding a block
  • Adding content to blocks
  • Understanding Content Types
  • Displaying menus
  • Configuring blocks
  • Setting visibility

Lesson 5: Menus

  • Creating a Menu
  • Configuring menu options
  • Viewing menus
  • Adding menu items

Lesson 6: Themes

  • Selecting themes
  • Configuring themes
  • Enabling/disabling themes

Lesson 7: User Management

  • Creating Roles
  • Assigning permissions to Roles
  • Adding Users
  • Assigning Roles to Users

Lesson 8: Content Management

  • Working with content types
  • Creating content types

Lesson 9: Running Reports

  • Running site reports

Lesson 10: Using a Drupal Site

  • Logging in
  • Creating content
  • Viewing and Editing content
  • Modifying menus

Lesson 11: Making the site available to others

  • Publishing the site