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Access Advanced Form Design

This course focuses on automating common actions on forms to make a database more efficient and user-friendly. Use macros and Visual Basic to program command buttons, enforce data validation, automate data entry, and dynamically hide and filter data.

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Course Outline

Corporate and NYS discounts do not apply for this course.

This course is recommended for individuals familiar with form design who want to incorporate advanced techniques to create powerful forms in an Access database.

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Lesson 1: Form Navigation Using VBA

  • Creating Navigation Buttons
  • Adjusting Visual Basic Code

Lesson 2: Macros

  • Creating Macros to Open a Form
  • Creating Macros to Automate Data Entry
  • Creating Macros to Validate Data Entry
  • Converting Macros to VBA

Lesson 3: Switchboards

  • Creating a Switchboard
  • Opening Queries, Forms, and Reports from a Switchboard
  • Modifying a Switchboard
  • Configuring Startup Options to Display a Switchboard
  • Hiding the Database Window

Lesson 4: Advanced Form Options

  • Creating a List Box
  • Creating an Option Group
  • Hiding/Showing Form Objects