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Excel Eliminating Repetitive Steps, Automating with Macros

This course is intended to give participants an understanding of how macros work, when to use macros, and ideas for using macros to improve Excel functionality. Participants will also learn to share macros and create macro buttons.

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Course Outline

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This course is recommended for Excel users who want to learn how they can create and use macros effectively.

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Lesson 1: Recording and running a Macro

  • Recording a macro
  • Relative v. absolute referencing
  • Saving to the personal macro workbook
  • Using shortcut keys and custom buttons

Lesson 2: Editting a Macro

  • Using the Visual Basic Editor
  • Adding and editting Visual Basic code
  • Creating a custom function

Lesson 3: Sending and sharing macros

  • Understanding macro security
  • Macro-enabled file formats