Internet and Communications

Outlook 2016/2013/2010 Part 1

This course is designed to help individuals new to Outlook learn the necessary skills to create and manage email, organize contacts, input tasks, schedule appointments in the calendar, and create and respond to meeting requests.

Dates & Times

CourseDate & TimeLocationCost
Outlook 2016/2013/2010 Part 1February 2 - 8:30 - 3:00LathamRegister
Outlook 2016/2013/2010 Part 1February 28 - 8:30 - 3:00LathamRegister
Outlook 2016/2013/2010 Part 1April 4 - 8:30 - 3:00LathamRegister

Course Outline

This course is appropriate for new users of Outlook, or for those familiar with email basics who want to learn about the additional features Outlook offers.

Access to participant data files
Follow-up support by email or phone for an unlimited period

Lesson 1: Getting Started

  • Navigate the Outlook interface
  • Work with messages
  • Access Outlook help

Lesson 2: Formatting Messages

  • Add message recipients
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Format message content

Lesson 3: Working with Attachments and Illustrations

  • Attach files and items
  • Add illustrations to messages
  • Manage automatic message content

Lesson 4: Customizing Message Options

  • Customize reading options
  • Track messages
  • Recall and resend messages

Lesson 5: Organizing Messages

  • Mark messages
  • Organize messages using folders

Lesson 6: Managing Your Contacts

  • Create and edit contacts
  • View and print contacts

Lesson 7: Working with the Calendar

  • View the calendar
  • Create appointments
  • Schedule meetings
  • Print the calendar

Lesson 8: Working with Tasks and Notes

  • Create tasks
  • Create notes