Creating Web Pages with (X)HTML

This course covers the essentials of the (X)HTML language and how it is used to create web pages. Use (X)HTML to format a page; insert images, links, lists, tables and forms; and learn to use cascading style sheets (CSS) for consistent global formatting.

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Course Outline

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Creating Web Pages with HTML5 & CSS: Content Authoring Fundamentals

Lesson 1: Basic (X)HTML Formatting

  • Making text bold or italic
  • Changing the size of text
  • Using structural elements
  • Centering elements on a page

Lesson 5: Images

  • About images for the web
  • Inserting images
  • Creating alternate text
  • Specifying size and alignment
  • images
  • Horizontal rules

Lesson 6: Creating hyperlinks

  • Anchors
  • Targeting links to specific windows
  • Accessibility features (keyboard shortcuts, tab order)
  • Image links
  • Image maps

Lesson 7: Lists

  • Creating ordered and unordered lists
  • Creating definition lists
  • Nesting lists
  • Styling lists

Lesson 8: Tables

  • Creating a simple table
  • Formatting tables
  • Controlling table space
  • Spanning cells across rows and columns

Lesson 9: Forms

  • Creating a form
  • Processing forms
  • Creating and organizing form objects
  • Setting the tab order in a form
  • Adding keyboard shortcuts

Lesson 10: Cascading Style Sheet Building Blocks

  • Constructing a style rule
  • Adding comments to a style rule
  • The cascade

Lesson 11: Working with Style Sheet Files

  • Creating an external style sheet
  • Linking external style sheets
  • Creating an internal style sheet
  • Applying styles locally

Lesson 12: Defining Selectors

  • Constructing selectors
  • Selecting elements by name
  • Selecting elements by ID or class
  • Selecting link elements based on their state

Lesson 13: Formatting with Styles

  • Selecting fonts
  • Italics and bold formatting
  • Setting the font size
  • Setting color
  • Backgrounds
  • Controlling spacing

Lesson 14: Testing and Debugging Web Pages

  • Testing your page
  • Browser differences
  • Validating your code