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Outlook Managing Contacts Effectively

In this course participants will develop a system to manage clients, customers, and contacts using Outlook. Learn to quickly add contacts from emails, import and share contact information, and track contact activities such as emails and phone calls.

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Course Outline

Corporate and NYS discounts do not apply for this course.

This course is recommended for Outlook users who want to learn techniques available to them to more efficiently manage their contacts.

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Lesson 1: Using Address Books:

  • Overview of contact lists
  • Using the Address Book
  • Using the Global Address list
  • Using the Personal Address Book
  • Changing the default Address Book

Lesson 2: Creating Contacts

  • Creating a contact
  • Creating a contact from an email
  • Sending a contact by email
  • Editing and using an electronic business card

Lesson 3: Using Contacts Effectively

  • Using friendly names
  • Finding a contact
  • Shortcuts for using contacts