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Outlook Managing Meetings and Sharing Calendars

In this course participants wil learn to utilize the power of Outlook to manage meetings and schedules. Learn to create and update meetings affecting multiple calendars, share calendars and create group calendars.

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Course Outline

Corporate and NYS discounts do not apply for this course.

This course is recommended for Outlook users that are new to the calendar or who want to use advanced calendar features, such as meeting requests and calendar sharing.

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Lesson 1: Working with Appointments

  • Using the calendar
  • Setting appointments
  • Creating recurring appointments
  • Opening/Editing appointments
  • Creating categories for appointments
  • Categorizing appointments (color coding)

Lesson 2: Working with Meetings

  • Scheduling meetings
  • Responding to meeting requests
  • Updating meeting requests
  • Canceling meeting requests
  • Tracking responses

Lesson 3: Advanced Calendar Features

  • Creating group schedules
  • Viewing/Modifying group schedules
  • Deleting group schedules
  • Searching in calendars
  • Sharing the calendar
  • Opening another user's calendar
  • Sending a calendar using email
  • Adjusting calendar default options