Desktop Publishing And Graphics

InDesign CC Part 2

In this course, participants will learn how to simplify document management with layout techniques, use vector paths, understand typography techniques, modify graphics, add and change tables.

Dates & Times

CourseDate & TimeLocationCost
InDesign CC Part 2January 22 - 8:30 - 4:30LathamRegister
InDesign CC Part 2February 20 - 8:30 - 4:30LathamRegister
InDesign CC Part 2April 24 - 8:30 - 4:30LathamRegister
InDesign CC Part 2June 21 - 8:30 - 4:30LathamRegister

Course Outline

Corporate and NYS discounts do not apply for this course.

This course is recommended for individuals who are comfortable with InDesign who would like a more in depth look at the layout features and tools. Knowledge of the topics in InDesign Part 1 is required.

Comprehensive reference manual with participant guide and exercises
Access to participant data files
Follow-up support by email or phone for an unlimited period

Lesson 1: Preparing Documents for Multiple Formats

  • Build Layout Versions
  • Link Content

Lesson 2: Managing Advanced Page Elements

  • Create Repeating Content
  • Change Text Layouts
  • Create Transparency
  • Anchor Objects and Manage a Library

Lesson 3: Managing Styles

  • Import Styles from Microsoft Word Documents
  • Manage Styles

Lesson 4: Building Complex Paths

  • Create Bezier Paths
  • Create Clipping Paths
  • Create Compound Paths

Lesson 5: Managing External Files and Creating Dynamic Documents

  • Import External Files
  • Create Document Sections
  • Insert Text Variables
  • Create Interactive Documents

Lesson 6: Managing Long Documents

  • Create a Book
  • Build a Table of Contents
  • Create Hyperlinks and Cross-References
  • Generate an Index and Insert Footnotes

Lesson 7: Publishing InDesign Files for Other Formats and Customizing Print Settings

  • Export PDF Files for Print
  • Export Interactive PDF Files and Files for Animation
  • Export Files for the Web
  • Manage Colors
  • Preview the Print Output
  • Create Print Presets