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Dreamweaver CS6/CS5 Part 2

This course will teach participants how to enhance website management with templates, libraries, and meta information. Learn how to create well-formed forms, work with layers, animation and explore extensions and validation tools.

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Course Outline

Corporate and NYS discounts do not apply for this course.

This course is recommended for individuals who have XHTML and Dreamweaver knowledge who would like to round out their knowledge and understand how to using a web authoring tool for website management techniques. Knowledge of the topics in Dreamweaver Part 1 is required.

Comprehensive reference manual with participant guide and exercises
Access to participant data files
Follow-up support by email or phone for an unlimited period

Lesson 1: Identifying website requirements

  • Examine website design considerations
  • Examine website performance parameters

Lesson 2: Creating layouts

  • Create a fluid layout
  • Organize and manage a layout using CSS

Lesson 3: Formatting Web Pages

  • Format content in the code view
  • Add behaviors
    • Behavior
    • The behaviors tab
    • Behaviors available in Dreamweaver
    • Behavior events
    • Applying behavior effect
  • Manage links and files

Lesson 4: Creating Forms

  • Add a form container
  • Add form elements
  • Validate a form

Lesson 5: Integrating Media Files with Dreamweaver

  • Integrate and edit a Photoshop file in Dreamweaver
  • Insert video and audio files

Lesson 6: Using Mobile Integration Techniques

  • Create a jQuery mobile page
  • Implement PhoneGap integration

Lesson 7: Previewing and Testing a Website

  • Preview a website
  • Test a website

Lesson 8: Managing Website Files

  • Share website files with other users
  • Synchronize website files