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Course Outline

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This course is designed to build confidence in casual and formal presentation formats, with focus on the skills required to develop, organize and deliver a presentation that meets the needs of the audience. Presented in two parts, this course provides presentation theory and a casual presentation in Part 1, followed by a 10-minute formal recorded presentation and feedback session in Part 2. NOTE: This session can be delivered on site for your organization with customized content.

Length of Session: 8 hours over 2 sessions (one week apart)

Target Audience: All levels of staff

Maximum Class Size: 6

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • List adult learning principles
  • Analyze the audience to prepare a presentation that meets their needs
  • Organize thoughts into main and sub-topics
  • Describe tips for effective presentations, including technical topics
  • Conduct an effective Q&A segment
  • Determine appropriate visual aids to support the presentation
  • Identify types of challenging audience members and how to address them

Presentation Pipeline

  • Know Your Audience
  • Establish Logistics
  • Organize the Presentation
  • Create Job Aids
  • Practice

Tips for Effective Presentations

  • Handling the Q&A
  • Saying “I Don’t Know”
  • Technical Presentation Tips
  • Recovering from Errors
  • “Drive By” Presentations

Audio/Visual Aids

  • Effective Usage Tips
  • PowerPoint
  • Selecting Appropriate Type

Challenging Audience Members

Formal Presentation (Part 2)

  • Recorded Presentations
  • Giving Balanced Feedback
  • Feedback Sessions

What is included with the session?

  • ?Instruction by an expert facilitator and HR professional
  • Small, interactive classes
  • Quick Reference Guide, Job Aids and Recorded Presentation Session