Note from Kathleen Pingelski, President

Scraping our car windows in the early morning is how we are suddenly starting our days, which means the colder weather has arrived. The MicroKnowlege team is staying warm by being in continuous motion working with our great clients. Elaine recently delivered a customer service session to a university in Westchester County, Eleonora was in… Read more »

Tech Valley’s Brightest

Pierce Communications Jonathan Pierce (518) 427-1186 The theory of better organizational communications – both external and internal – is simple: Do the best you can to reach as many important people as possible in every manner available. It sounds easy. But, since most entities have to deal with resource scarcity – of both time… Read more »

Try This, It Works

iOS 9 Improvements Offline Viewing Safari now boasts the ability to save a website as a PDF. Simply navigate to your chosen webpage, then tap the Share icon in the middle of the toolbar at the bottom of the display. In the second row of icons, there is now the option to Save PDF to iBooks,… Read more »