Tech Tips

Tech Toys for Kids…of All Ages

Holidays can be stressful enough without the added stress of finding the perfect gift for your favorite technology geek.  To assist with your holiday purchases, the MicroKnowledge Team will share a few of our favorite things. Are you the family historian?  Want to relive the past but hate going through boxes and boxes of old… Read more »

Try This, It Works

Outlook – Working with the Conversation View The Conversation view for emails has been improved with Outlook 2010. Turning on Conversation view organizes email by date and then by emails containing the same subject. This view gathers and organizes emails that relate to the conversation from all folders (e.g., Inbox or Sent Items). Turning On… Read more »

Hidden Tricks in Windows File Search

Searching for files is the next big thing. Why remember where you put something when searching is so easy? That’s the philosophy, but one of many baffling decisions made by Microsoft in its newer versions of Windows (Vista, 7, 8) has been lack of discoverability in how to do a more refined search for files… Read more »