Customized Training

We’re hands-on and customized

  • All MobileKnowledge® courses are designed to provide intensive instruction and are highly interactive. Using hands-on techniques, your people practice the basics until they master them. Then we introduce exercises that integrate skills and develop proficiencies in more complex applications.
  • Instead of following “scripts,” our instructors lead your people through a series of prepared activities while providing explanations and encouraging questions. Practice exercises can be composed of examples taken directly from your organization.

We’re here when you need us

  • Our personalized approach to computer training extends well beyond the classroom. If your people are unable to solve a problem, we’ll deliver technical support via phone, fax or e-mail for an unlimited period.
  • At MicroKnowledge, we’re dedicated to providing you with customized, one-on-one training plus top-quality reference materials. We can also partner with you to provide a roaming instructor offering live desk-side assistance to people needing additional guidance.

We design your training material

  • Whether your organization needs materials for instructional training, quick reference or online distribution, we can create standard documents or PDF files. All features have titles, indicate the relevant functional steps and can refer directly to your policies and procedures. Our customers are always involved in testing, clarifying content, language and layout. Testing and validation is included in your timeline.
  • We also offer Train-the-Trainer sessions with a content expert who prepares the agenda, introduces the documents, anticipates questions and answers and highlights important new features.

2-Hour Training Sessions

  • Focused training develops expertise in single features of software applications. Sessions may be developed or customized to meet the specific needs of an organization. Protocols, language and processes may be integrated to provide instant relevance to staff members.
  • Call (518) 786-1181 or contact us for customized, individual or group training.