On-Site Training

MobileKnowledge® Training Lab

We come to you with flexible, personalized training ranging from basic computer skills to advanced technology.

MobileKnowledge® service goes on the road to deliver expert computer training to your organization. We bring all the equipment, provide the set-up and deliver the training right at your site – saving you and your employees valuable time and travel away from the office. Bottom Line? You don’t have to move, re-wire or disturb your operations. It’s business as usual for your employees.

MobileKnowledge® delivers knowledgeable trainers, effective teaching techniques, and computers to your site, saving you and your employees valuable time away from the office. We bring all the computer equipment and step-by-step reference materials to your site. We set up the equipment and deliver the customized training. You simply provide the room, we provide the rest.

MobileKnowledge® is a division of MicroKnowledge of New York.