Collaborative Consulting

With more than 28 years of experience, our experts will enhance your business team by working with you to analyze and maximize your information, communications technology and strengths.  The MicroKnowledge team delivers measurable results and provides training, guidance and support services that help you deliver on time and on budget to your customers.

eLearning Development

MicroKnowledge takes your organization’s existing content and converts it to an effective online class, creating meaningful courses customized with the information your team needs to know with examples they can relate to from their day-to-day experiences.

Transition your team smoothly

If your organization is migrating from one software tool to a new one our MicroKnowledge experts will work with your team to create a customized rollout training and transition program to accommodate software upgrades from version to version.  MicroKnowledge has provided a New York State wide rollout for agencies migrating from Lotus Notes and Groupwise to Microsoft Outlook.

Streamline your staff’s information workload

We create templates and forms and efficiently automate repetitive tasks such as downloads and backups.  We also build links between data applications and can synchronize data between devices.

Develop better databases

Our experts carefully assess your data needs and challenges.  We prepare you to capture data accurately and quickly.  We set up easy-to-use reports, analyses and presentations that give you insight into the meaning of the data.

Our unique collaborative consulting approach provides both training and consulting to help you accomplish your strategic goals and provide a better user experience. Our approach is to create an Access database with you, using your data! You will receive the skills to maintain the database and create reports, and our expertise will support creating a custom Microsoft Access database for your organization. Whether you need a single or multi-user database, a simple desktop solution, or integration with your enterprise SQL Server databases, our Access experts can assist. If you need assistance converting your existing Excel data or importing data from your data warehouse for reporting reasons, MicroKnowledge has the solution.

Increase web visitor satisfaction

Our unique consulting approach provides both training and consulting to accomplish your organizational and departmental goals. We will consult with your team to provide recommendations on making adjustments to your existing website to enhance your users’ experience and more effectively navigate your site.

Using the most efficient and cost-effective means, we make your business look its best and operate smoothly on the web.  Count on us for expert usability, accessibility and editing.

Prepare effective, persuasive presentations

Provide us with the content and graphics and we will match style and message to your audience.  We leave you with templates, scripts and handouts that you can adapt for future occasions.