Easy-to-use references

We can prepare materials for instructional training, quick reference or online distribution. We time the release of your documents to coincide with your equipment or software rollout. Our experts write all content based on customer input ensuring the customized product is both accurate and effective.

All features indicate the relevant functional steps and can refer directly to your policies and procedures. Graphics include screen captures so that staff sees how the material should appear on their monitor. Format styles give documents a consistent look and help automate repetitive formatting tasks. We set up an easy-to-use guide that provides clear descriptions of the template format and the styles. Testing and validation is included in timeline.

Organizational Documents

Whether your organization needs a template, reference or quick guide, we can create standard documents or PDF files to support the successful use of software, operating systems or internal programming specific to your company. To help your staff and future employees use and modify your documents consistently, we provide clear and simple guidelines. Our customers are always involved in testing, clarifying content, language and layout.

Combining Policies and Procedures with Application Steps

We listen and collaborate with you to identify the policies and procedures that are important to include in your custom training material. Our customers conduct a quality check of standard operating procedures to be sure that all parts of the organization are interacting smoothly. We then edit for consistency of language and layout.