President's Letter

Note From Kathleen Pingelski, President

Be ThankfulAs Thanksgiving approaches, I’m reflecting on how much I have to be thankful for this season, and throughout the year. The list of what makes my heart swell with gratitude includes:

  • The MK team, the core of MicroKnowledge, and their families
  • Our loyal clients and the trust they place in us
  • Our many business partners and vendors who support us every day
  • The many community organizations we support for improving the quality of life in our region
  • Our health and happiness, because without those life would be so different

I hope you, too, have an abundance of things to be thankful for.

The year is drawing to a close and we are getting ready for 2018. The MicroKnowledge team is in planning mode, and I’m sure you’re planning for your organization as well.  What training topics would you like to see offered as part of our Customer Appreciation Sessions series in 2018?  Do you need help with Excel forecasting and setting up an easy-to-read dashboard in Excel?  The MicroKnowledge team can assist with you with your Excel training needs, and training and documentation in many other areas, too. Let me know what we can do to help your team have the most productive year ever.

I wish you and your staff a wonderful holiday season and very prosperous 2018!


Kathleen Pingelski

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