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Hyperlink to a Document in an Outlook Email

Creating a hyperlink to a document in a shared location, such as a network drive or SharePoint library, can be an effective way to email a document to a colleague. In comparison to using an attachment, a hyperlink will not create a copy of the file, take up excessive space in your mailbox, cause confusion regarding who has the newest version, or allow unauthorized recipients to easily view the document. The email recipient will be able to click the link to open and view the file, as long as he or she also has access to that shared location.

  1. Open a new email message.
  2. Click Restore Down from the Title bar (if necessary) to display the email in a window.
    Outlook - Restore Down
  3. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the shared location that contains the file, such as a network drive.
  4. Right click and drag the file into the body of your email. Shortcut menu displays.
    Create Hyperlink
  5. Click Create Hyperlink Here. A link to your file displays containing the full path and file name of your document.
  6. Right click the link text. Click Edit Hyperlink from the shortcut menu. Edit Hyperlink dialog box displays.
  7. Type the link text to show in the Text to display field.
    Outlook Hyperlink 3
  8. Click OK. Hyperlink displays.
  9. To test the link, hold Ctrl and click on the link. The file should open in its associated application. Email recipients will not need to hold Ctrl to use the link.



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