Try This, It Works

Try This, It Works

Using the People Pane in Outlook

The People Pane allows you to quickly see a list of correspondence between you and the selected author of the email, as well as any other individual on the To or Cc lines. You can view email, attachments and meetings you may have scheduled with the user, plus news feeds and RSS updates. In addition, you can add the person to your social networks in order to view any of their posted updates.

    1. Open Outlook.
    2. Click the View tab on the Outlook Ribbon. Click People Pane > Click Normal.
    3. Select an email to view more relevant information.  The People Pane will display at the bottom of the message when you open a message or display the message in the Reading Pane. Review the correspondence in the People Pane.
    4. Choose the type of information (e.g., mail, news feeds, appointments and attachments) to view by clicking on one of the six icons.
    5. To minimize the People Pane, click on the down pointing arrow at the top right of the pane.

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